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Men's Hair Trimmer

Men's Hair Trimmer

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Product Name - Men's Hair Trimmer 

Package Contain - Pack of 1

Material - Stain steel

Weight - 250

Dimension - 15 x 10 x 5 cm


You are looking for a powerful shaver with modern features, then the machine that today Today we introduce will be a product you cannot ignore. An Iphone style BoLi RSCW-A1 shaving trimmer.

For men, beards and mustaches are very important things. Some people like a clean shave, but there are also people who just like to trim a little. And if you've ever had a razor blade cut your skin when you're not careful, a shaver will be what you need right now.

Compact and elegant design. Firm handle. The start button is located right on the handle for easy use. Fully protect the face with the built-in high-grade protective mesh. This metal mesh prevents the razor from coming into direct contact with the skin, so it is absolutely safe. In addition, the vibration of the device through the mesh layer also helps to reach the root of the deep-rooted beard.

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